OVIS Innovation Management

The leading EU funding and Innovation Management Consultants in Albania

Proposal Writing and EU Funding

We provide our clients advice on European projects. For each idea we identify the scope, drafting the concept note, establishing the consortium with trusted partners, write and develop the complete proposal.

EU Project Management

We follow your project throughout its duration, monitor its technical and financial progress through technical reports sent to the corresponding public administration, attend consortium meetings, providing templates and guidelines to streamline internal procedures.

ICT Development

We develop advanced web, mobile and cloud applications utilising the latest technologies and tools. From project and product portals to advanced web applications for sensor data fusion.

Research and Development

We develop new technologies and products through a network of companies and Universities across Europe including digital tools and concepts for culture and tourism, smart cities, smart agiculture, remote sensing and immersive tecnhologies (VR/AR/MR).